Many people enjoy the feeling of soft, smooth, hair-free skin, but the silky feeling is often short-lived, especially when the laser hair removal process involves shaving. After a day (at the most) the stubble is beginning to reappear, and you are forced to shave again. Waxing and depilatory creams may extend that timeframe a bit, but you will soon be back at the salon for another treatment.

If you are like many individuals who are tired of the constant battle with hair on your legs, arms, face, or anywhere else and want to find an alternative, consider the laser hair removal services of our experienced estheticians at Alite Laser in Austin, TX.

What Is Laser Hair Removal Treatment?

At Alite Laser, we were voted Austin’s Best by Austin Monthly Magazine for our laser hair removal treatments. Our laser light treatment team understands how unsightly unwanted body hair or facial hair can be, and we want to provide you with the best laser removal work available. We use two different state-of-the-art lasers to ensure that we can remove unwanted hair from the legs, arms, face, bikini line, and more from all skin types.

For lighter-toned skin, we use Candela GentleLASE, voted “Best Hair Removal Laser.” For clients with darker-toned skin or tanned skin, we will use the GentleYag, made exclusively for these skin types. Each laser completes the hair removal job safely and effectively, and both lasers have a large coverage of the treatment area to ensure all of the hair is removed efficiently. Because we prioritize the safety of our laser removal clients, each laser is equipped with a built-in cooling system to minimize discomfort while the hair follicle is treated.

At Alite Laser, we recommend that you avoid sun exposure for about 2 weeks before your planned laser treatment. It is also advisable to avoid plucking or waxing the area for 3-4 weeks ahead of your treatment session, but we do ask that you shave before the treatment so that your skin is smooth when you come into our office.

Reasons to Invest in Laser Removal Treatment of Hair

Laser removal treatment of hair has become quite popular in recent years because of the many benefits it provides to clients who invest in the treatment of unwanted hair. Here are some of the top reasons to consider investing in laser hair removal:

  • Less discomfort – Laser removal is less painful than other methods of removing unwanted hair from the body. Whether it is the painful ripping out of the treated hair during the waxing or the uncomfortable bumps and nicks acquired from a shave, discomfort is par for the course when it comes to hair removal. With laser removal, though, hair follicles are eliminated with as little pain as possible.
  • Versatility – As humans, we have hair all over our bodies, and many individuals prefer to remove the hair from various areas. With laser removal, clients of all skin types can have the treatment done on their face, legs (even bikini area), and underarms. Imagine not having to take extra time in the shower to shave because you’ve already removed the unwanted hair with our laser treatment.
  • Long-lasting results – One laser hair removal treatment session usually lasts up to 6 months! You will not feel stubble as your hair grows back or see unsightly red bumps from ingrown hairs within a day or two like you would from shaving. Alite Laser’s hair treatments in Austin, TX, prevent the regrowth of your hair for months at a time. Eventually, some clients can go years without another treatment!
  • Smoother skin – Laser removal reduces the thickness of your hair follicles, so you will ultimately have smoother skin after the process of laser removal in Austin, TX.
  • Time-saving – The removal process is fairly quick, as most clients are done with their session in about 20 minutes. Likewise, you will be saving ample time in the shower or going to waxing salons because laser hair removal for any skin color prevents hair regrowth for months.

If these laser removal benefits are attractive to you and you are looking for experienced technicians to provide you the hair removal services you need, look no further than Alite Laser in Austin, TX.

Laser Hair Removal Cost

To see the full effect of the process, you will need to schedule multiple sessions – usually about 3 to 5 sessions depending on your skin and hair type. Being treated by a certified dermatologist can increase the price of the treatments, but the cost is worth it knowing that you are being treated by a professional in the business. Visit our pricing page to get the latest laser removal price for men and women.

Contact Austin’s Laser Hair Removal Specialists

At Alite Laser, we are Austin’s best hair removal salon, and we are proud to showcase our abilities to our clients in the Austin area. Our team of professionals can answer all of your questions, address any concerns you may have about optimal results, and give you tips about how your treated area will feel and how to maintain results for any skin pigment. From your face to your bikini line and anywhere in between, our experienced technicians can get you the permanent smooth skin you have always wanted through laser removal.

In Austin, TX, men and women have been able to take advantage of the beauty procedures we provide at Alite Laser for many years. In addition to the laser, we also offer services including wax, electrolysis, skin rejuvenation (PhotoFacial IPL, Microneedling, Chemical Peels, Hydrafacial, Dermaplaning), and cellulite reduction. If you are interested in any of these body services, contact Alite Laser for more information or to schedule your free consultation appointment with our friendly staff!