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Laser Hair Removal for Women in Austin

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Envision smooth, hair-free skin without shaving, waxing, bleaching, or plucking undesirable hair. At Alite Laser Hair Removal, we specialize in providing top-notch laser hair removal for women in Austin and the surrounding areas. We offer two distinctive state-of-the-art lasers to treat ALL SKIN TYPES. 

We use Candela MaxPro, GentleLase, and GentleYag. The GentleLase is perfect for lighter-toned skin, while the GentleYag was made to treat darker-toned skin both safely and effectively. 

Both lasers have huge spot sizes to treat the zone rapidly and spread everything. The two lasers likewise have a built-in coloring system, which will help minimize any discomfort from the laser.

Our Austin women’s laser hair removal staff includes professionals with a minimum of 5-20 years of experience. So, we can guarantee that you will consistently be with an accomplished expert to give you the best assistance and results. 

Likewise, we have a unique way of marking the skin to ensure no missed areas. We offer free consultations to thoroughly review everything to ensure you understand the procedure and what to expect. 

We are happy to provide a free consultation, however, if you are interested in getting started that same day, we also offer that as an option. Our staff is knowledgeable and friendly and strives for customer satisfaction.

Women’s Laser Hair Removal in Austin Prices

The 1st treatment of any new areas is Only $59!

You may pay for each treatment. No forced contracts. No large upfront costs.

Bikini (regular to extensive) $180 $90
Brazilian Bikini $250 $125
Abdomen line $80 $40
Stomach $120 $60
Chest $150 $75
Leg Bottoms $250 $125
Feet (no ch w/ leg bottoms) $80 $40
Leg Tops $250 $125
Partial Leg Tops $150 $75
Underarms $120 $60
Forearms $200 $100
Full Arms $250 $125
Hands (no ch w/ arms) $80 $40
Nipples $80 $40
Breasts $120 $60
Nape of Neck $120 $60
Lower Back $80 $40
Buttocks $200 $100
Face Package (3+ areas on face) $200 $100
1) Lip $80 $40
2) Chin $80 $40
3) Sideburns $80 $40
4) Jawline $80 $40
5) Neck Front $80 $40

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