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Imagine enjoying smooth, hair-free skin effortlessly, without the hassle of shaving, waxing, plucking, or bleaching unwanted hair.

At Alite Laser Hair Removal, we utilize advanced Candela GentleMax Pro lasers that cater to ALL SKIN TYPES. The Candela GentleMax Pro combines two laser platforms, GentleLase and GentleYAG. The GentleLase is perfect for lighter skin tones, while the GentleYag is specifically designed for darker skin tones, ensuring safe and effective treatment for all. The laser features large spot sizes for quick and comprehensive coverage, along with built-in cooling systems to minimize any discomfort during treatment.

Our team comprises Austin’s foremost experts in women’s laser hair removal, each with 5 -20 years of experience in the field. Rest assured, you’ll always receive service from a seasoned technician, guaranteeing the best results. Additionally, we have a unique marking technique to ensure no area is missed during treatment.

We offer complimentary consultations to thoroughly discuss the process and address any questions or concerns. You can opt for a consultation only, or if you’re ready to begin treatment the same day, we offer that option, too, ensuring you receive the best laser hair removal for women.

At Alite Laser Hair Removal, our friendly and knowledgeable staff is dedicated to ensuring your satisfaction.

Women’s Laser Hair Removal Prices

The 1st treatment of any new areas is only $59!

No contracts. No upfront costs. Pay per treatment and enjoy smooth skin without the hassle.

Bikini (regular to extensive) $180 $90
Brazilian Bikini $250 $125
Abdomen line $80 $40
Stomach $120 $60
Chest $150 $75
Leg Bottoms $250 $125
Feet (no charge with Leg Bottoms) $80 $40
Leg Tops $250 $125
Partial Leg Tops $150 $75
Underarms $120 $60
Forearms $200 $100
Hands (no charge with Forearms) $80 $40
Nipples $80 $40
Breasts $120 $60
Nape of Neck $120 $60
Lower Back $80 $40
Buttocks $200 $100
Buttocks Middle $120 $60
Face Package (3+ areas on face) $200 $100
1) Lip $80 $40
2) Chin $80 $40
3) Sideburns $80 $40
4) Jawline $80 $40
5) Neck Front $80 $40

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