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As Austin’s hair removal specialists, we wouldn’t be complete without our complete Austin waxing services. We have been offering hair removal services here in Austin for 20 years and are experts at wax hair removal procedures — which could be quite a tricky undertaking. 

We specialize in bikini waxing for women (especially Brazilians) and back waxing for men. Lately, the Brazilian bikini has become very popular, and we specialize in the proper technique.

We use different types of wax (both strip and hard wax) for different body parts to have the least discomfort and maximum effectiveness.  Anyone considering waxing in Austin, especially a Brazilian wax, should heed the advice of those who have had a less-than-pleasant experience and ensure that their practitioner is highly experienced in this technique.

We welcome you to come by for a bikini, leg, back, or any other body part wax and try it out for yourself.  Be sure to check out our special discounts and pricing for our first-time waxing offer, which includes $10 off!

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