Cellulite Reduction in Central Austin

Cellulite Reduction

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Austin Cellulite Reduction

GREEN VAC-RDT system is specifically designed for efficient body sculpting. Its unique applicators are specially designed to combine gentle suction with three rotating balls, creating a radial skin fold. The rolling suction action unblocks the blood and oxygen flow in the suffocated cellulite tissues and thus increases the circulation. The connective tissues are stretched, allowing the skin to return from the puckered look of cellulite to its normal smooth appearance. The drainage of stagnant waste products through the lymphatic system and fine blood capillaries is also accelerated resulting in the beautifully toned skin.

A wide range of different applicators enables a therapy of small and large regions as well as difficult-to-reach body areas. The possibility of adjusting the min. and max. negative pressure allows also the treatment of sensitive skins. Other adjustable features include a therapy time, duration of the min. and max. negative pressure, and frequency.

The main GREEN VAC indications for use are the edematic phase of cellulite, the fibrous phase of cellulite, scaring phase of cellulite, reduction of facial wrinkles, fresh scars, keloids, and stretch marks.

What to Expect

When you arrive at our clinic for cellulite reduction in Austin, you’ll be greeted by our friendly reception team. You’ll be introduced to your technician, who’ll get you relaxed and comfortable. After inspecting your cellulite, your technician will advise on the pressure used and how long the session will take.

Once you agree, they’ll turn on the GREEN VAC system and begin rolling it along the affected area. You will feel a strange sucking sensation as the system begins to reduce your cellulite, stretching the underlying connective tissue. 

If you feel uncomfortable at any point, you can ask the technician to stop. We always go at a pace comfortable for you. You may need multiple sessions to experience the best results.

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Cellulite Reduction Benefits

The benefits of our Austin cellulite reduction are truly stunning. The procedure breaks up the tough bands of connective tissue under the skin. Not only does the system unlock the tight cellulite, but it also unblocks the blood vessels allowing nourishing blood and oxygen to flow into the tissue.

You’ll find smoother skin that looks more toned and radiant than before. Plus, unlike other cellulite reduction treatments that involve blades or lasers, vacuum suction does not cause significant damage to the skin. Better still, it’s particularly effective for areas of stubborn cellulite. 

What is cellulite?

Do you have bumpy, uneven skin on your hips, thighs, or buttocks? That’s cellulite. It’s caused by the skin being pulled downwards into the deeper tissues by connective tissue bands. The result is an uneven surface.

You’ll find cellulite in hips, thighs, abdomen, buttocks, breasts, and more. If you’ve got cellulite, you’re not alone. It’s thought to affect 80 to 90 percent of women.

While it’s not harmful, many people complain that it is unsightly. That’s especially true as it increases with age. Our Austin cellulite reduction treatment is as simple as it is effective. Using suction, we unlock the skin from the underlying connective tissue, producing a healthier, smoother result.

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