laser hair removal


So you’ve decided to leave behind the practices of removing hair out of your follicle by waxing, or cutting it off daily with a razor, and to join the age of technology by making your first laser hair removal appointment. Congratulations! We’ve put together a short guide to assist you so that you have the best hair removal experience possible. Below we will cover some of the most common questions beginners have about laser treatment for hair removal.


For many, one of the first considerations is to find out if laser hair removal is worth it for them. While laser treatment for hair removal does require a few treatments before desired results can be expected, our incredibly experienced technicians and competitive laser hair removal prices got us voted Austin’s Best for laser hair removal. Our free consultations are also a great way to go over everything with one of our experts to make sure you know exactly what to expect. 


When it comes to laser hair removal, permanent is a word that is tossed around a lot. Laser treatment does not technically offer permanent hair removal, but rather permanent hair reduction. Laser removal works by heating the hair follicles which sends them into a dormant state for a long period, much longer than shaving or waxing. However, laser hair removal does drastically reduce the number of hair-producing follicles from 75 to 90 percent,  meaning that the number of unwanted hairs in the treated area will be far fewer than if left untreated. No hair removal laser can claim to remove hair permanently, but after a series of treatments mapped for you, you will likely see very little or no growth. 


Depending on the part of the body you plan to get treated, the level of pain to be expected will be different. But even bikini laser hair removal or upper lip laser hair removal, which are some more sensitive areas common to treat, are typically not going to produce an unmanageable level of discomfort. With our state-of-the-art technology and our experienced clinicians, clients typically experience a level of discomfort somewhere between shaving (no pain) and plucking (very painful). Any irritation or redness after a session may feel similar to a mild sunburn and will diminish quickly with proper treatment. 

laser hair removal guide