Common Laser Hair Removal Myths Dispelled

Despite the ubiquity of laser hair removal these days, there persist a few stubborn myths that can serve to deter those who would otherwise benefit from this method of hair removal. Lasers have advanced a lot in recent years, cooling systems have been designed to help mitigate the feeling of heat during treatment, and the technicians at Alite Laser have extensive experience with thousands of happy (hairless) clients. Just keep in mind that if you’re searching for ‘best laser hair removal near me,’ you just need to check that the technicians are licensed and experienced, and that their previous clients are more than satisfied with their results. 

Read on to find out if you are holding yourself back from the skin of your dreams due to one of these common misconceptions about laser hair removal. 

Myth 1: Laser hair removal is always painful

While the sound of using a laser to remove hair might be intimidating, these aren’t lightsabers we’re talking about here. The lasers involved in removing hair, when wielded by an experienced, licensed technician, typically produce a sensation somewhat more intense than shaving, but quite a bit less intense than waxing. Yes, there is a slight stinging sensation sometimes, and certain areas of the body tend to be more sensitive than others, but for most people, the pain is not a factor and is completely manageable. If you are especially concerned about the potential for pain, talk to your technician because they may be able to apply numbing cream to the area. 

The lasers used at Alite Laser have special, built-in cooling systems that help to minimize the discomfort of the laser on the skin. After each treatment, be sure to treat your skin gently for a while so that it can heal. Pat the treated skin dry instead of rubbing it; keep makeup, lotion, moisturizer and deodorant off of the skin for at least the first 24 hours. 

Myth 2: Only certain skin tones are good candidates for laser hair removal

At Alite Laser Hair Removal we offer two different state-of-the-art Lasers to treat all skin types. We use Candela MaxPro , GentleLase, and GentleYag. The GentleLase is ideal for lighter-toned skin, while the GentleYag was made to treat darker-toned skin both safely and effectively.

Common Laser Hair Removal Myths Dispelled

Myth 3: Laser hair removal isn’t good for the skin

The light from the lasers used for hair removal is absorbed into the hair follicles; that heat makes them go dormant for a long period of time. This means that the hair that once grew out of that follicle will now no longer grow, and in this way you can reduce the amount of hair-producing follicles by 75 to 90 percent over several treatments. While the heat from the laser may cause a bit of irritation and redness directly after the treatment, laser hair removal isn’t linked to any long-term side effects when administered correctly. In fact, a side effect of laser treatment may sometimes be that the skin texture actually improves in treated areas; for example, it can help you to avoid those pesky situations such as a painful underarm ingrown hair. In short, laser hair removal is safe, and may be one of the best methods of hair removal, especially for certain types of hair such as unwanted facial hair.