Laser hair removal can sound like quite an intimidating process if you’re new to it! The internet is a wonderful resource, but some answers you may get to questions you may have – can add to the intimidation factor. We’re here to assure you, laser hair removal treatments are not something to be afraid of! Today, we go in-depth with looking at the laser hair removal myths. 

Laser Hair Removal Myths Debunked

Read on as we debunk some of the most common myths so we can accurately answer some questions you might have!

Debunking Laser Hair Removal Myth 1:

Laser hair removal can cause skin damage and it is painful. 

The lasers used in treatments today are so much more advanced and targeted than they used to be. Like with any hair removal treatment, slight pain is to be expected, but it is completely tolerable! Some lasers can use cooling or suction methods to help reduce any discomfort. Some technicians might also prescribe a numbing cream that you can apply a few hours before your treatment. You can always ask your technician for any suggestions on the best ways to handle slight discomfort if your pain tolerance is lower.

As for the skin damage myth, you should not have any adverse reactions as long as the laser used is the correct laser for your skin type. We cannot stress enough how important it is to visit and schedule treatments with an experienced practitioner, not only to avoid any skin damage but for your own peace of mind as well!

Debunking Laser Hair Removal Myth 2:

Laser hair removal won’t work on every type of skin or hair color.

The answer to this question isn’t necessarily black and white since different lasers work differently depending on the type of skin or hair. Lasers work by targeting the dark pigment (melanin) found in our hair and skin. Some lasers, however, can’t tell the difference between the color of skin and hair that is similar in color.

Lasers work by using different wavelengths depending on the type of hair and skin you have. Those with lighter skin and darker hair will need to use lasers with shorter wavelengths. People with darker skin and darker hair will need to use lasers with a longer wavelength. This is because the wavelength needs to be long enough to penetrate the skin before it starts to look for pigments, so the skin stays safe.

Most people should be able to have laser hair removal successfully, but once again – it’s important to visit someone with experience to ensure the correct laser is used for you! The only instances where laser hair removal may not be your best option is if the hair you’re concerned with is a lighter color (blonde, grey, white, etc) as the laser can’t see it.

Debunking Laser Hair Removal Myth #3:

One session will give you a significant reduction in hair regrowth.

The short answer to this is no. Unfortunately, one session will not prevent future hair growth. Laser hair removal is a treatment that destroys hair follicles through a schedule of multiple treatments. You’ll achieve the best results through a series of treatments. Generally, your treatments should be scheduled six weeks apart to allow each hair growth cycle to be targeted. 

Each laser session will reduce hair growth around 10-15 percent, so depending on the results you want – the number of needed sessions may vary. Most people want to achieve 75 – 90 percent growth reduction, which requires multiple sessions. While you’ll see a difference after just one treatment, multiple sessions are required to reach the final goal.

It’s also good to note that laser hair removal does not mean you’ll never have to shave again. The hormones our bodies naturally produce, also produce hair – so although this treatment will reduce the amount of hair you have, you’ll never be 100 percent hairless.

Debunking Laser Hair Removal Myth #4:

More hair will grow back after laser hair removal.

That’s a big fat no! It’s not possible. The lasers used during treatments will damage hair follicles to the point where hair simply can’t grow. However, because in life our bodies change, and our body hair changes – you may have new hair growth in places you didn’t previously. The lasers used will destroy hair follicles that currently exist, but new hair is not prevented from growing.

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