There’s no denying waxing is incredibly convenient as a hair removal method. The process is extremely quick and the results can last for weeks!

However, everyone’s skin can react differently to waxing – we all have different skin types after all! Some people can experience ingrown hairs, small bumps, pimples, or rashes near the treated area. Not everyone who gets an Austin waxing treatment done will get a reaction, but just in case you do – we’re here to give you some tips on how to soothe those reaction bumps!

How to Soothe Bumps After Wax

What Causes Bumps After Waxing?

Our hair has made itself quite at home in our hair follicles. When you receive a waxing treatment, you’re essentially forcing those happy little hairs out of their home, which can cause understandable stress on your skin. A totally normal response to waxing is a slight inflammation of the area that was waxed. Usually, the swelling will go down on its own within a few days, or less!

A trustworthy and licensed technician will take the proper steps required, to ensure you have little to no irritation or reaction after the treatment. If you do, however, notice small bumps or any redness, you can try some tips below:

  • If the treatment was applied to an area you generally apply makeup to, try and go makeup free until the reaction subsides.
  • After a brow wax, wet and cooled tea bags will help relieve redness if placed on the eyes.
  • To help reduce inflammation, ice the waxed area with some frozen vegetables or an ice pack!
  • Apply an anti-inflammatory cream to the treated area, like hydrocortisone.
  • Use a post-wax cooling product or a gel/lotion with aloe in it. This will help soothe your skin and calm any inflammation or redness.
  • Whatever you do – do not pick, squeeze, or overly touch the treated area!

Ingrown hairs or bumps following underarm, bikini, or leg waxing:

If you’re experiencing any red and sore bumps after you’ve received a waxing treatment, it could mean you have an ingrown hair. To help resolve this issue, try to avoid constricting the area via tight clothing. If possible, try and wear loose clothing to let the area breathe!

A couple of days after your treatment, try a light exfoliation to the area – this can help loosen up any ingrown hairs. There is a wide range of affordable ingrown hair products that are all very effective! The active ingredient in these products will help open and unblock the follicle to help provide relief.

Anti-bacterial creams can also help soothe in these instances. The next time you get your waxing treatment, wait until the hair has grown just a few millimeters, so the risk of blocked pores is minimized.

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If an ingrown hair does appear after a treatment, do not pick at it! If the hair is right at the surface and there is no pus near the area – you may be able to give it a light squeeze after a hot shower to help pop the hair out and remove it with tweezers. However, if it does not come out easily, if pus is present, or if the skin is inflamed, do not try to get it out. You’ll more than likely cause more damage that way.

Please note; if your skin bleeds, scabs, or is painful for the days following the treatment, something is absolutely not right. If your skin is not healing on its own, you need to speak with your doctor immediately. 

Soothe bumps after your wax!

Waxing is an amazing treatment, but it is not for everyone. If a waxing treatment is too hard on your skin, some great options are threading and sugaring. Both of the mentioned treatments also will remove the hair follicle but are much more gentle on your skin.

As always – if you have any further questions about how to soothe bumps after wax or would like to book an appointment, reach out to our staff at Alite Laser!