Although HydraFacials and Traditional Facials have a lot in common, they’re not the same thing! Both methods are tailored to your particular skin type and needs, however, the way each process is approached, is different. So when it comes to regular facial VS HydraFacial, what should you expect?

Comparing HydraFacial VS Regular Facial

First things first, with a traditional facial, you are bound to experience a few uncomfortable moments during the treatment. Extractions, when is when the technician goes a bit deeper to clean your pores, is generally the least enjoyable part. Traditional facials are helpful for long-term treatment, but do have the possibility to cause redness and/or skin eruptions the day after.

HydraFacials, in comparison, can feel more like a light massage to the face, sounds relaxing huh? This treatment does not involve the same extraction process that occurs during traditional facials. However, HydraFacials can still help with acne conditions and improve your skin’s overall tone, even without the extractions! Since this treatment does not cause irritation or redness, you can go out immediately after the procedure! 

What Happens During a HydraFacial?

Although the approach is different for HydraFacials, you’ll get the same benefits that you would during a traditional facial. HydraFacials use a three-step process during a hydradermabrasion treatment. The steps involve cleansing, exfoliating, and infusing your skin with a serum selected specifically for your skin type. So you know the treatment you’re receiving is just for you!

Your treatment will be chosen based on your skin type. So naturally, it will vary from person to person. Your technician will administer a skin test to help evaluate your skin’s overall condition, determine its sensitivity, and finally choose your magical serum mixture!

You will most likely notice some similarities between a HydraFacial treatment and facials you’ve had in the past. The procedure will begin by having your skin cleaned and exfoliated to help open your pores. After you receive a light acid peel, which dissolves damaged and dead cells, your technician will use a vacuum tool called an extraction nozzle which will remove any dirt, oil, and other “gunk” that may be clogging your pores.

Finally, your technician will start the infusion of serum with the “vortex infusion tool”. Although this may sound like some crazy ritual ceremony, we promise you it’s not! Your technician will apply your skin’s special serum with the tool. The serum will help resolve your skin’s specific issues as well as increase it’s elasticity and hydration overall! Sounds like a win to us.

This procedure generally takes 30 to 45 minutes to complete depending on your specific treatment. It’s so fast, you can knock it out over your lunch hour easily!

What Happens After a HydraFacial

If you’ve got a traditional facial in the past, you may be skeptical of the HydraFacial and expect the same after effects. Surprise! One of our favorite parts about this treatment is that it’s completely non-invasive! Because of this, most people can return to normal life instantly!

We will note that some people may experience a tight feeling or reddish tone on their skin, but those symptoms should go away within a few hours. If your skin is extremely sensitive, you may experience swelling near your eyes and redness that can last for more than a day.

So, although it’s non-invasive, if you have experienced redness and swelling after a traditional facial, you may want to schedule your first treatment when you have a clear schedule the next day. This will give you the opportunity to see how your skin reacts to this specific treatment and will let you know when the best time to schedule any future appointments would be.

The HydraFacial has become incredibly popular very quickly due in part to the results often being immediate! You’ll have smoother, fresher skin and a healthy glow just days after you receive your treatment, just like traditional facials!

HydraFacials, like traditional facials, will give you the best results if you continue with regularly scheduled treatments. For both methods, you can get treatments around once a month to keep your skin fresh and healthy looking. The more consistent you are with treatments, the more effective the results you will experience, and the more rejuvenated your skin will stay!

Whether you stick with the tried and true traditional facials or want to try something new with the HydraFacial, you’ll likely reap the same benefits. Give the experts at Alite Laser a call to discuss any questions you may have and to set up a session to get your skin back in business!