In reality, both laser hair removal bikini and Brazilian wax are great ways of removing hair in the bikini area of women’s body. Without a doubt, the bikini area is a very sensitive body part of women. The bikini line is the area that lies outside of the panty line.

Laser hair removal bikini involves the use of laser hair removal treatment procedure which is done by exposing pulses of light rays that will destroy the hair follicles in the bikini area. Laser hair removal treatment usually covers up to 3 inches beyond this line to ensure a perfect look in panties.

Brazilian wax is the procedure for removing hair with the use of a special wax which can be either hot or cold that will adhere to the hair and pulls them out when the wax is removed from the skin with a cloth strip.

Brazilian Wax VS. Laser Hair Removal Bikini

Both methods are always compared in order to know the better option between them. In comparing laser hair removal bikini vs. Brazilian wax, the Brazilian wax is a temporary hair removal procedure that will reduce the hair but it does not prevent the hair in the bikini area from growing back while laser hair removal bikini can last longer by permanently removing hair in the bikini part of women.

Moreover, while comparing laser hair removal bikini vs. Brazilian wax based on skin irritation after treatment. Brazilian wax treatment can bring about allergic reactions, burns, and in-grown hair while laser hair removal bikini does not have the same risk of skin irritation and in-grown hairs.

However, laser hair removal bikini has the potential risk of discoloration and burn if the procedure is not handled by professionals. Also, Brazilian wax procedure has a higher risk of getting sexually transmitted infections (STIs) because of cuts, unlike bikini laser hair removal.

Another factor to be considered while comparing laser hair removal bikini vs. Brazilian wax is the pain that will be endured during each procedure. Laser hair removal bikini procedures are carried out between 6 – 8 sessions while Brazilian waxing is done in one session. Due to this, no pain is usually experienced during laser hair removal bikini while pain and bleeding can be experienced during Brazilian wax treatment procedure.

Effectiveness of these hair removal methods

Without a doubt, both methods can be used in removing the unwanted hair in the bikini area of women but it is highly imperative for you to discuss extensively with your dermatologist to determine your needs as an individual to know which treatment that will suit you.

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