Laser hair removal VS electrolysis are the two most popular methods of getting rid of unwanted hair permanently. Both treatment procedures target the hair follicles beneath the surface of the skin to prevent the growth of hair.

Laser hair removal is carried out through the use of laser light that will deliver mild radiation to the hair follicles while electrolysis is done by inserting a probe into the follicle and passing an electronic current through it to destroy it. In essence, both methods are always compared to know which one works better as a permanent hair removal method.

Laser hair removal vs. electrolysis

When comparing laser hair removal vs. electrolysis, laser hair removal can be used in removing hair on the people with light skin and dark hair, it can result in burn in the people with dark skin. Also, laser hair removal procedure does not yield a great result on people with light hair because it targets the dark color while electrolysis as a hair removal procedure can be used on anyone irrespective of their skin or hair color because electrolysis will attack the hair follicles and not only the hair pigment.

What about the time it takes?

Again, while comparing laser hair removal vs. electrolysis based on removing the hair in the facial part of the body, 15 minutes treatment is required to treat the eyebrows and between 4 – 8 treatment sessions will be required within a month.

However, electrolysis will require a longer period of time because each of the hair follicles will be treated individually. In essence, electrolysis procedure will remove eyebrows in 15 – 30 minutes and between 15 -30 treatment sessions are required to get it done.

Laser hair removal and electrolysis side effects

When comparing laser hair removal vs. electrolysis based on the possible side effects after treatment, laser hair removal can portend danger to the eyes when it is being done on the eyebrows when the laser light comes in contact with the eyes.

Hence there is a need to wear protective eye shields and keep the eyes closed during the process to guard the eye against any contact with laser light. Also, laser removal can cause the stimulation of the growth of hidden facial hair in women while electrolysis can cause the skin to get discolored if the treatment is not properly done.

Electrolysis VS Laser Hair Removal – Cost Comparison

When it comes to comparison of laser hair removal vs. electrolysis in terms of cost, laser hair removal is cheaper than electrolysis. On the average, laser hair removal costs $200 – $400 per session while a 30-minute session for a small area will attract a cost of $45. However, several sessions will be required than what will be required in laser hair removal treatment. Again, electrolysis is very time-consuming than laser hair removal treatment.

Furthermore, very little aftercare is required for the electrolysis method, nevertheless, the skin can be feeling some irritation and appear slightly red, these symptoms will stop after a few hours. In laser hair removal, there will be a need for the application of ice packs in order to reduce the discomfort that will be felt but if the pain is severe, the use of pain relievers or steroid cream can be recommended.

No doubt, both methods are excellent ways of permanent hair removal but you should always consult your dermatologist to know the method that will be ideal for your skin.