In reality, some men often experience the growth of hair in some body parts going out of control that could warrant their permanent removal from their body. As a man, if you are experiencing such hair growth in some parts of your body, this blog will help address the various options of permanent hair removal for men.

Permanent hair removal for men

Laser hair removal treatment

This option uses light energy to penetrate the hair shaft to kill the hair root. Though it will not kill the follicles it will be difficult for another hair to grow in the area where laser hair removal treatment is being applied.

Laser hair treatment will last for a considerable period of time. As a method of male hair removal for men, laser hair removal treatment can be used for removing hair on the back, chest, stomach, shoulders, and genital area. Each of our Austin laser hair removal treatment can take 30 minutes per session and up to 8 treatment sessions can be required.

Waxing for men

This option as permanent hair removal for men involves the use of soy waxes, a creamy lotion that will be applied to the skin. When it is used on the skin, strips of cloth will be layered over the cream for some minutes and when the mixture dries on the skin, the clothes are removed. With this, the hair would have been removed. Waxing in Austin as male permanent hair removal can be used in removing hair on the ears and neck, underarms, and genital area.


Another method of hair removal for men is electrolysis; it is carried out using the ultra-slim needle to penetrate the individual hair shaft. Our Austin electrolysis method will allow delivery of tiny shocks of electricity to the hair follicles thereby killing the cells that produce hair. The moment the cells producing hairs are killed, no hair will grow there again.

Electrolysis is done in 10 – 20 minutes, it will take a longer period of time if a lot of hair is to be removed; it can be done weekly for up to a year. As a permanent hair removal method, electrolysis is very effective in removing hair on all parts of the body.


This is another permanent hair removal method for men, it is done with a chemical suspended in a gel that will attack the proteins in the hair and dissolve them in the process. This will cause hair to loosen and fall out immediately.

This method is effective for removing hair in the part of the body like back, chest, arms, and legs. However, it is not ideal for removing hair in sensitive parts like genitals. The treatment can take between 30 – 60 minutes. The results of depilatories treatment will last for several weeks.

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