Hair removal isn’t solely for women. We’ve performed treatments on all genders, shapes, and sizes. Hair removal is for everyone! In fact, you can achieve hair removal on any body part for anyone. We all remember the “Brazilian waxing trend” of the 1980s. With the growing fashion of bikinis, women everywhere were waxing their bikini area to get beach-ready.

Now it’s the men’s turn.

With Brazilian laser hair removal increasingly popular in men – alongside all other forms of hair removal – we thought we’d take the time to answer your top question. Namely, “what is male Brazilian laser hair removal?”

It’s not for everyone. But it’s a brilliant way to sort out any overgrown hair – without many of the downsides of shaving.

Learn what male Brazilian laser hair removal is below and what you can expect from the treatment.

What is male Brazilian laser hair removal?

The “Brazilian” refers to your pubic region and buttocks area. You know the bits you find hard to shave. With this popular hair removal trend in men, many are dropping their razors and opting for a more permanent solution. 

Laser hair removal uses a powerful laser to heat up dark hairs. The heat travels down the hairs, damaging the hair follicles and reducing future growth. 

It’s simple yet effective.

The most common downside of laser hair removal is treating lighter hair types. However, pubic hair is typically darker than other hair on our head or body. So, it’s often easy to treat using laser hair removal.

Plus, the technique is relatively pain-free. So, compared to other techniques like shaving or waxing, there are few to any negative side effects. 

Male Brazilian laser hair removal: What to expect?

Before the session

Before you begin your first Brazilian laser hair removal treatment, we advise trimming or shaving your pubic area. If necessary, your laser technician can do this for you. Removing this excess hair will reduce your risk of burns from the procedure. Your technician will then place a cooling gel against your skin to prevent any burns from the process.

During the session

The laser will be directed at your pubic and anal region during the procedure. Where the light hits, the pigment in the follicles will absorb the light and turn it into heat. The darker the hair, the more heat absorbed. 

Temperatures rise between 120°F to 160°F, depending on your skin and hair color. Beneath your skin’s surface, the hair follicle will be heated to the point it stops the growth cycle and becomes permanently damaged. 

You may feel some minor discomfort from the heat. However, it should be manageable – and it’s nothing compared to waxing and other procedures.

After the session

You’ll see some initial shedding of hair after the session. However, because hair follicles undergo dormancy periods, not all your hairs will have been affected. You’ll notice further hair regrowth in the days and weeks following the session.

We advise multiple sessions to maximize the effect. Gradually, after several sessions, your hair will stop growing. If any hair regrows, it will be thinner and sparser than before.

Potential side effects

No cosmetic procedure is 100% side-effect-free. You may notice some redness and irritation a few days after the procedure. That’s completely normal. With a gentle moisturizer and a little time, it should settle.

Other common side effects include blistering or crusting. Again, it’s nothing to worry about. Just ensure you don’t pick the affected area, to reduce the risk of scarring or infection.

And stay hydrated – it always helps the healing process. 

Why you should consider male Brazilian laser hair removal

Gone are the days when the only option for men was the razor or waxing strip. With laser hair removal, there are numerous benefits compared to older treatments:

  1. It’s long-lasting

Unlike traditional hair removal techniques, laser hair removal targets the hair follicle itself. Waxing and shaving only remove the hair. By damaging the hair follicle, you can see lasting results for years to come. Indeed, the more sessions you have, the more permanent the results will be.

You can expect to receive a short course of five to six sessions at first. You’ll then need an occasional touchup to maintain your hair loss. After a maximum of 12 sessions, you can expect permanent hair loss.

2. It’s relatively pain-free

Honestly, you can expect some discomfort. But, in the hands of a professional, laser hair removal is a gentle and pain-free procedure. Compared to waxing or the discomfort post-shaving, Brazilian laser hair removal is a dream.

And it lasts – so you don’t have to keep going through the same discomfort once the procedure is complete.

3. It avoids in-growing hairs

Alongside a post-shaving rash and nicks, shaving can also cause in-growing hairs. It happens when shaving disrupts the hair follicle causing it to grow into the skin. It can lead to an infection and is painful to treat when close to the genitals. 

With Brazilian laser treatment, you’ll have none of this worry. Laser hair therapy doesn’t cause ingrown hairs. In fact, it’ll prevent you from ever worrying about them again.

4. It’s hygienic

Some men like their body hair. But many men prefer the look and cleanliness of reduced hair in the Brazilian region. It’s cooler and less irritating. For men with excessive hair around their genitals and buttocks, laser hair therapy is a simple yet effective way to tackle the problem – and keep clean and tidy for longer.

Male Brazilian laser hair removal lasts longer than other techniques

It’s time to embrace the trend. You can experience a low-pain and simple procedure with lasting results using Brazilian laser hair removal.

Contact us if you’re interested in booking an appointment for Brazilian laser hair removal for men.