Okay, we’re not trying to totally destroy waxing as a hair removal method… after all, waxing has its benefits for many situations. However, as hair removal experts with decades of experience, we can’t help but note that for most cases, if it’s a question of laser vs waxing, laser hair removal wins hands down.

The disadvantages of waxing speak for themselves: There’s no way to make ripping hair out by the root with hot wax sound appealing, but the disadvantages go beyond the initial pain of treatment. Because waxing only leaves you with smooth, hair-free skin for a few weeks, you must repeat the process indefinitely for as long as you want to maintain that soft skin—hardly a long-term solution. Stop, and you’ll soon end up right where you left off – at best, hairy; at worst, hairy, with some ingrown hairs thrown in to round it off. That’s because when you remove hair by pulling it out of the follicle, sometimes the new hair gets trapped beneath the skin when trying to grow out, creating unsightly, painful bumps that can even become infected if not treated correctly.

Even if you don’t have sensitive skin, waxing can be tough on its recipients, and that’s not even considering the cumulative cost of waxing over a lifetime. Depending on where you live and how much of your body you wax, that number can vary widely, but call it somewhere around $1000/month. That can really add up over time!

However, don’t despair! There ARE better ways to get rid of your hair. While methods that can be called permanent hair removal are few and far between, laser hair removal is about as close to permanent as you can get without individually targeting each follicle (as in electrolysis.)

On the other hand (or more likely leg or other body part), laser hair removal has benefits beyond simply removing hair.
Laser treatment destroys the hair at the root, meaning there are no ingrown hairs, and you will be left with even smoother skin. While the initial investment of laser hair removal is more than wax, you only need an average of 6-10 treatments to enjoy smooth, hair-free skin in the treated area afterward.

While laser isn’t completely sensation-free, it doesn’t come anywhere close to the pain of waxing, and you only need to experience it a few times before you can forget you ever had hair in the treated area. You can shave in between appointments, whereas you ideally need at least ¼ inch of hair regrowth before you can wax again, which is another advantage to laser hair removal.

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