Are you wondering how painful is electrolysis hair removal vs laser hair removal? Laser hair removal and electrolysis are two popular types of permanent hair removal. Both these types work by targeting hair follicles located under the skin’s surface. Laser hair removal is on the rise. Though electrolysis is also getting more and more popular, it’s not as common as laser therapy. In comparison with laser hair removal, electrolysis is painful. It is done by a dermatologist.

The process of electrolysis works by inserting a device into the skin. It uses shortwaves in hair follicles to stop the growth of new hair and causes existing hairs to fall out. However, you will need multiple appointments for the best results. As the growth of hair is normal so the hair removal. Permanent hair removal is a dream of everyone but you must know how to achieve it? Electrolysis is one of the well-known and safe methods of permanent hair removal that is used across the world.

How painful is electrolysis versus laser hair removal?

Electrolysis is very painful as compared to laser hair removal. For most people, today’s methods of hair removal don’t hurt but electrolysis does hurt. Electrolysis removes the individual hairs from the body that’s why causes a lot of pain. A very fine probe is inserted into the body and thus removing hair from the follicles through tweezer. Most areas of the body can be treated through electrolysis like eyebrows, face, breasts, legs, abdomen, and thighs. Electrolysis generally doesn’t have any permanent side effects but sometimes a temporary reddening of the skin may occur.

On the other hand, laser hair removal does not cause much pain as compared to waxing and electrolysis. This process is much quicker and way better than other techniques of hair removal. It feels like tiny pinpricks. As compared to electrolysis laser treatment is much better, in regard to pain. Electrolysis is painful when you see the laser hair removal vs electrolysis.

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What causes unwanted hair growth?

The growth of hair is normal and the result of heredity and hormone level. Illness and the use of drugs can stimulate their growth. Everyone wants the permanent removal of their unwanted hair. In such a situation, electrolysis and laser hair removal are the best options.

Laser Hair Removal vs Electrolysis Hair Removal

Laser therapy and electrolysis both produce long-lasting effects and permanent solution to hair growth as compared to shaving. Laser hair removal can be used for every person whether with fair or dark complexion but it can result in burning the skin of darker people. On the other hand, electrolysis can be used by anyone, no matter what type of complexion they posses. It does attack the hair follicles along with the hair pigments. In the comparison of laser hair removal vs electrolysis, electrolysis is good in regard to the procedures. However, electrolysis takes more time than laser treatment. You have to take more sessions of electrolysis than laser for permanent hair removal.

Laser hair removal can portend danger to the eyes or other surrounding parts of the body that are near the targeted area. If the process is not done correctly, then it may cause the skin to get discolored. Laser hair removal has its own side effects while electrolysis has its own. However, laser hair removal is cheaper than electrolysis.

Benefits of electrolysis hair Removal

Electrolysis is extremely versatile and produces more permanent results. It inhibits the growth of new hair for all skin types and hair types. The main benefit of electrolysis is that it can be used anywhere on the body, even eyebrows. Electrolysis is safe and effective as compared to other techniques of hair removal. Unlike laser, electrolysis targets the hair follicles, thus permanently removing the hairs from your body. Electrolysis is effective for all skin types. There is no maintenance required after electrolysis treatment as the hair is permanently removed from your body. It causes pain but you have to bear in order to get rid of that unwanted hair permanently.

How do you choose an electrologist?

Electrologists are those people who have special training to perform electrolysis. If you are going to consider electrolysis, it is very important to do some research before deciding on anyone. The wrong decision can prove fatal and result in scars on your face. There are some points that you should consider before going to an Austin electrolysis specialist:

Ask Around

It is very important to ask your friends and family members to find good services. Your circle must be your first preference to know about anything. If there is anyone in your circle who has undergone electrolysis hair removal, you must ask for their input.

Professional Qualifications

There are many electrologists in the market who are licensed or certified to do their practice. Look for those electrologists who have certification from an accredited school. The qualifications matter a lot in this era of specialization.

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Get a Consultation

Many electrologists will give you a free consultation. During your consultation, you must make sure that all your questions must be answered. Some questions that you want to ask about are: how the procedure will feel; how many sessions you need; how much each session costs; how long each session lasts; what is your experience and the number of patients you have dealt with till today.

Personal Comfort

While getting your free consultation, look around and examine the establishment. Does the place look clean? Do the workers look clean and presentable? Do they use disposable needles? Observe hygiene conditions of the clinic and base your decision on your personal comfort as this is always essential.

Techniques Used

Keep in mind that the practitioner uses the right technique like they should use needle electrolysis, which is the only permanent form of hair removal. Some places advertise electrolysis but use electronic tweezers. Using electronic tweezers is not a permanent hair removal method.

In short, electrolysis hair removal is a much better way of removing hair permanently as compared to other hair removing techniques like laser hair removal but it causes much pain as compared to laser as in this process, prim is directly applied into follicles for the purpose of destroying them. For this sensitive treatment trust Alite Laser Hair Removal because only professionals can provide you with the best and safe services. Contact us for a free consultation today!