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Ready to elevate your beauty game with Alite Laser’s top-tier waxing and laser hair removal in Pflugerville? You’re just a quick drive from our state-of-the-art clinic in the heart of the bustling downtown Pflugerville.

Our location is a true beauty sanctuary where you’ll discover a wide array of services encompassing waxing, cutting-edge laser hair removal, and an alluring selection of revitalizing treatments.

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Experience the Best in Laser Hair Removal And Waxing In Pflugerville

Discover the ultimate destination for laser hair removal and waxing services with Alite Laser. We’re just a short drive from the bustling heart of Pflugerville, making it easy to unlock your full beauty potential in mere minutes.

Whether you call Pflugerville home or visit from nearby neighborhoods, our clinic is the place to be for exceptional laser hair removal services. We shine as a beacon of excellence in laser hair removal in Pflugerville, TX. 

Expect a warm and welcoming atmosphere, a dedicated team of experts, and cutting-edge treatments to meet your hair removal and skin rejuvenation needs. It’s your opportunity to elevate your beauty routine and an experience you won’t miss.

Cellulite Reduction

Bid farewell to persistent cellulite with Alite Laser’s Pflugerville laser hair removal and cellulite reduction offerings. Our revolutionary GREEN VAC-RDT system is meticulously designed to combat cellulite effectively.

It promotes improved blood and oxygen circulation in those troublesome cellulite-prone regions by using gentle suction and three rotating spheres.

Laser Hair Removal

Unlock a legacy of excellence with our 20-year history in laser hair removal in Pflugerville. Our elite team of specialists is armed with the expertise to handle all hair types with finesse. Our cutting-edge laser technology is meticulously engineered to target hair, effortlessly adapting to various skin tones precisely. 

The added luxury of built-in cooling ensures your absolute comfort throughout the procedure. 

Oxygenating Facials & Chemical Peels

As time weaves tapestry on your skin, you don’t have to surrender your natural radiance. Our rejuvenating facials and laser hair removal services are tailored to invigorate individuals in their thirties and beyond. 

Our clinic, a sanctuary for facials and laser hair removal in Pflugerville, Texas, uses medical-grade products. We use these products’ power to turn back the clock on large pores, acne, facial veins, wrinkles, sun damage, and more. Embrace a rejuvenated you and defy the passage of time.

HydraFacial Bliss

Even in your thirties, your skin deserves to glow with vitality. Our transformative HydraFacial experience is designed to breathe new life into your complexion. 

We employ the potent arsenal of PCA SKIN’s medical-grade products to wage war on large pores, acne, facial veins, wrinkles, sun damage, and more. Say hello to a revitalized, ageless beauty, and let your radiant skin take center stage.


Welcome to the premier destination for waxing in Pflugerville. We understand that waxing can be an intimidating experience, and some may have encountered less-than-pleasant sessions elsewhere. 

Be at ease as we deploy expert techniques to ensure your comfortable and efficient experience. Step into a world of waxing where confidence reigns and discomfort fades away.

Alite Laser in the Heart of Pflugerville — Your Urban Sanctuary

Nestled at the heart of Pflugerville, we’re deeply ingrained in the local scene, providing a tranquil retreat amidst the city’s vibrant energy.

With nearly two decades of service, we’ve been dedicated to serving the residents of Pflugerville and nearby Austin. Our reputation as a trusted name in laser hair removal in Pflugerville is deeply rooted in our commitment to the community. 

As the city continues flourishing, we remain essential to your beauty and wellness journey, ensuring you thrive in this dynamic urban landscape.

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Consider electrolysis for a lasting solution, especially effective for light-colored hair like blonde, red, and gray. Alite Laser, known for top-notch laser hair removal services, also proudly offers expert electrolysis. 

Our precise laser hair removal in Pflugerville technique uses a tiny needle and gentle electrical pulses to remove hair and surrounding tissue. Multiple sessions may be needed, and our Pflugerville team is here to assist. 

Contact us for a free consultation to determine the best choice for your hair removal needs.


Laser Hair Removal in Pflugerville

Frequently Asked Questions

If the hair you want to have treated for laser hair removal is dark in color & somewhat coarse you are a good candidate. In general, it needs to be light brown or darker in color. Our laser hair removal in Pflugerville will not work on blonde, grey, or red hair.

If you are pregnant we do not recommend treating with laser hair removal, though we do offer waxing services in Pflugerville and electrolysis which are safe for pregnancy.

After your laser hair removal treatment, you can expect the hair to shed out from the follicle within 2-3 weeks after which you will be hairless in the treated area until the next hair growth cycle begins to come in.

For anything below the neck, the hair will begin to come back in at about the 6 to 8-week mark & that is when you would want to be scheduled for your next visit to catch the hair in the next cycle for the best long term results. The hair that comes in will be thinner/finer & there will be less of it each time. For the face, growth cycles are between the 4 to 6-week mark.

While results can vary from person to person and body area to body area, industry standards are anywhere between 6 to 10 consistent treatments where most people are happy with their results.

All of our Austin laser hair removal machines are classified as permanent hair reduction. After a series of treatments, you will likely see little or no hair growth. However, no hair removal laser can claim to permanently remove hair. Hormonal changes can produce new hair growth. Also, certain medications can cause new hair growth.

Be sure that you are not on any kind of medication that makes you sun-sensitive like Accutane for acne & certain antibiotics as well as topicals like retinol & retinA.

Avoid tanning beds, spray tans & direct sun exposure for about 2 weeks pre-treatment.

Avoid plucking or waxing the area to be treated for about 3 to 4 weeks before planned treatment.

Shave before treatment so that your skin is smooth when you come into the office. However, if it is an area you can not reach we can shave for you.

You do not have to have hair on the treatment area before your session. In fact, you will have to shave the area 24 hours before your session as this will allow the laser to locate the follicle faster.

Interested in learning how laser treatment can reduce hair growth? Book an appointment with our professional team in Pflugerville, which is committed to providing long-lasting medical solutions for unwanted hairs.

When it comes to the level of pain, laser hair treatment falls between shaving (pain-free) and plucking (ouch! that really hurts). During the session, you may not feel the heat but you may feel as though the technician is snapping your skin with a rubber band. You may feel some pain, but how painful the procedure depends on which body part is undergoing the treatment. You may experience redness and irritation (similar to what you feel after getting sunburned) after the session.

Dermaplaning is among the popular trends in skin rejuvenation. We’re industry experts, offering an incredible dermaplaning experience at an affordable price. The procedure uses a surgical blade to slough off dead skin and vellus hair (peach fuzz) from your face. We’ll reveal the soft, glowing skin hidden beneath. After a single session, you’ll appear brighter, more vibrant, and healthier than before. 

Because dermaplaning cleans the top layer of skin, the procedure is often combined with other treatments (HydraFacial, Microneedling, Chemical Peels, and Facials) as these are better absorbed into the skin producing a more impressive result. 

Call or text us for a free consultation if you’re ready to reveal the hidden you. We’re ready to discuss the benefits of dermaplaning and what you can expect from the procedure.

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