Like the rest of us, celebrities are searching for the best hair removal method. After all, being photographed 24/7 means that they’re more conscious than most about their unwanted body hair. No one wants their body posted across the gossip mags and the internet.

But, with interviews, photoshoots, and a busy schedule to contend with, the hair removal methods used by celebrities must be as quick, effective, and long-lasting as possible. 

From their bikini line to their body hair, celebrities are one of the best resources for finding out what works and what doesn’t. Whether they’re opting for waxing or a newer alternative, we’re answering, “how do celebrities remove unwanted hair.”

How do celebrities remove unwanted hair?

Celebrities may have more time and money to devote to their appearance, but ultimately the hair removal treatments available are the same. Traditional techniques like threading, shaving, and waxing are still used; however, innovative techniques like electrolysis and laser hair removal promise more permanent results.

  1. Laser hair removal

Laser hair removal uses a concentrated beam of light to heat up the pigment in the hair. The heat is carried down the hairs, destroying the underlying hair follicles and inhibiting future hair growth. While it doesn’t remove all the hairs in a single session, the results become more pronounced and permanent over multiple treatments. The procedure is less effective on lighter hairs, relying on the dark melanin pigment to work.

Little wonder this treatment has become one of the most popular hair removal methods used by celebrities. 

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Kim Kardashian has spoken openly about using laser hair removal. Being Armenian means she would otherwise need to put extra effort into waxing. However, laser hair removal helps her achieve her desired look with minimal effort. 

Other celebrities who’ve embraced laser hair removal include Vanessa Hudgens, Kylie Jenner, Chrissy Teigen, and Victoria Beckham. Even Kanye West reportedly visited a laser hair clinic – demonstrating that laser hair removal is for everyone. 

2. Waxing

Despite newer techniques becoming available, celebrities still use waxing as a popular hair removal method. For those shyer about their private parts or unable to experience the benefits of laser hair removal, waxing is an effective hair removal treatment.

Some absolutely love it!

“Every woman should try a Brazilian wax once. And then the sex they have afterward will make them keep coming back!” gushed the actress Eva Longoria told Cosmopolitan.  

Others, however, have swapped the practice for new techniques. Victoria Beckham, for instance, used to be firmly in favor of waxing. But, she says laser hair removal has made her life simpler and easier – in fact, it appears she got this “beauty tip” from Eva Longoria. 

3. Electrolysis

Laser hair removal is certainly making waves throughout Hollywood. Unfortunately, this innovative technique only works for dark hairs. Those with light hair and fairer skin will struggle to see the usual impressive results – though new machines are more effective.

That leaves electrolysis as the remaining permanent hair removal method used by celebrities. Its results are no less dramatic than laser hair removal.

Indeed, the glamorous beauties of 1950s Hollywood swore by electrolysis to achieve their manicured looks. In one dramatic example, Rita Hayworth used electrolysis to correct her hairline, achieving the timeless beauty we know today. It transformed one of her worst features into her best.

Final thoughts

Whether you choose a permanent hair removal technique or waxing and shaving are wholly up to you. While celebrities like Kim Kardashian favor a completely hairless look, others do not wish to remove their body hair permanently.

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As Cameron Diaz put it:

“I don’t care what women do with it, but we should be informed … It is there for a reason, and to laser it off is to lose it forever.”

Still, laser hair removal is popular for a reason. For those with darker hairs, it delivers a permanent reduction in hair in minimal time. No more shaving. No more painful waxing. Just an effective and efficient hair removal technique with results.

Speak to our team about choosing the right hair removal technique for you. If you’ve got lighter skin or hair, we can explore the possibility of laser hair removal and alternatives like electrolysis.