People are always obsessed with their beauty and look, especially if they want to get rid of cellulite and stretch marks. Everyone wants to be attractive and gorgeous. Most women spend much money on cosmetics and skincare products to make them look young and beautiful. It is in everyone’s instinct to make them look presentable. In order to look good, keeping good health and diet is very important. If your body is working efficiently, and all your body mechanisms are in proper order. You will naturally look glowing and smart. So, keeping a fit body is essential for this. Though there are some factors that can affect your skin health like pollution and other environmental factors. But these play little role in the maintenance of your skin.

Factors like excessive fat and improper balance of diet can play a significant role in damaging your skin. Excessive fat can lead to complications like Cellulite and stretch marks. These can be really annoying and hard to remove. Though there are medicines and creams which can fade them up to some extent, those are temporary. Cellulite is basically related to the improper distribution of fat, in the different areas of the body. These mostly occur in the region of thighs and hips. It is due to the presence of connective tissues and fat layers side by side. While the stretch mark is a condition that is due to muscle hypertrophy or excessive damage to the tissue. It mainly occurs in pregnancy, but can also other conditions.

Get Rid of Cellulite and Stretch Marks

Saggy, Lumpy Skin

If your skin is getting saggy and slightly orange in color, then it is most likely cellulite. Cellulite is also known as cottage-cheese skin or orange-peel skin. These are common names used by people. Cellulite is due to the involvement of fat cells in the connective skin layer of skin. The skin starts to lose its structure and becomes saggy. The fat cells when disturbing the skin structure also affect its nutritional supply. It not only makes your skin non-supple but are forms lumps. It is mostly observed in women in the region of thighs and buttocks because the connective tissue layer and fat layer are lying parallel underneath the skin.

Factors of Cellulite

There are many factors that can cause cellulite in your skin. The major cause is the peculiar distribution of fats in women. The fats are lying parallel in the female body while these appear in a zig-zag manner in males. Therefore, males are at a lower chance of developing cellulite. Also, other factors include hormonal secretions. The hormonal secretion of your body plays a vital role in the balance of body fat. The imbalance in hormonal secretion can cause diseases like obesity which will also lead to stretch marks. The hormones like thyroid hormone and somatotropin involve in the development of your skin. Maintaining a proper diet can reduce the chances of developing cellulite.

Cellulite and Stretchmarks in Older People

Cellulite is quite common in older people. The skin structure in older people degenerates and skin starts to fall apart. So, the addition of fat cells into the skin structure is quite easy. This causes the skin to become lumpy. The occurrence of a mattress phenomenon is quite possible. Keeping a balanced diet in older age is very important. Going for a jog or performing some other exercises at home is important to keep your skin fresh and supple.

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On the other hand, stretch marks are a benign cutaneous lesion. There are many causes for the stretch marks, most common of them are keeping the same position for a longer period. The cells of the skin under continuous pressures and low nutrition start to die off. It causes the appearance of a stretch mark on the surface. Ii older age, most people only sit in the same position for longer durations which increases the chances of developing stretchmarks to the maximum.

Improper Diet

Diet plays the most important role in skin health. If you keep a good diet which includes all the components necessary to keep your skin hydrated and supple, you at a very low chance of developing cellulite. A good diet consists of organic food and a normal amount of dietary fibers. Normally, our meals contain more than enough fats and carbohydrates and almost no dietary fibers. This causes imbalances in the body metabolism. Also, more fats get accumulated underneath the skin and disturb the structure of the skin. A diet with a good amount of dietary fibers will help you lose excess fat and keep your body slim and active.

Chromosomal Changes

The appearance of cellulite at an early age can be due to genetic makeup. Your genetic makeup plays an important in body mechanisms. If your genes promote fast body metabolism your metabolic rate will be very high and there will be a low chance of fat accumulation. So no matter how much fat you eat you would be a very low chance of developing cellulite or stretch marks. On the other hand, defective genetic makeup can lead to poor blood circulatory system thus major chances of skin diseases. If your skin has proper nourishment and is no pressure it will remain healthy and glowing. The major reason for developing stretch marks is due to a lack of proper nourishment to the skin.


There are some treatments available for cellulite as well as stretch marks but none of them have long-lasting effects. These are annoying and hard to remove so taking precautions is the best thing to do. However, these treatments can remove cellulite up to 2 years or more. These include laser treatments that break the skin through a laser, in order to stimulate collagen production.

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This collagen covers the cellulite but also hardens the skin. This is a temporary solution. Also, Subcision is a good option that involves the use of needles to break the connective tissues. But it is also temporary. There are many other treatments like acoustic wave therapy and other laser treatments that can cure the cellulite up to some years with regular sessions.


There are some creams which can prove to be useful. But it will take some time for them to show results. The creams can fade away the stretch marks and also lessen the cellulite in the thighs or buttocks. Caffeine and Retinol are the most famous of them. Retinol can take up to six months to show results while the same can be said about caffeine. Caffeine dehydrates the cells shrinking them in size so that the cellulite would become less visible. It also promotes the repair of skin structure and excludes the fat cells. While retinol hardens the skin and cellulite become almost invisible. Both of these ointments are a temporary solution and takes much time to show results.

So, we can conclude that keeping a proper diet and good exercise is the best way to avoid these annoying and hard to remove skin problems. Precaution is the best measure in these cases. So take your meals regularly and stay fit and healthy!

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