Are you asking yourself ‘how long would it take to get rid of cellulite in legs‘? In this modern era, almost everyone is conscious about their looks and skin. Skin is the outermost layer so it should be healthy and attractive. Therefore, today the market is filled with different types of skin products and cosmetics. Keeping your skin clean and fresh is the basic purpose. Though there are natural remedies that can maintain the natural glow of your skin. But natural treatment takes time, which the skincare products show immediate results. So people switch to instant rather than natural and long-lasting glow. However, there are some skin diseases that cosmetics cannot cure. There should be a proper diet to avoid such cases.

Cellulite is basically one of these skin problems which make your skin look pale and saggy. The skin should be glowing and supple. If the skin starts to lose its suppleness then it is no longer attractive. While in the case of cellulite, fats beneath the connective tissue layer stats to get to the surface. Thus, giving the skin a cobblestone shape. This can be troublesome because these fat cells when accumulated in the skin layer become hard to remove. Also, the skin starts to lose its structure, which can be irreversible in some cases. Almost all women develop this cottage-cheese skin or mattress phenomenon once in their life.

Get Rid of Cellulite in Legs

Reason Behind Cellulite

The specific reason behind cellulite is still unknown. But it is believed to be caused by the intervention of a fat layer with the skin layer which is parallel in the woman’s body. Basically, the fat layer is supposed to be unattached with the dermal layer of the skin. These lie parallel but are not supposed to intertwine. It is the basic composition of the skin of a woman’s body. But in the lower regions of the body like butt and thighs, the fat cells start to accumulate in the skin layer. Maybe it is due to continuous pressure on the skin cells of butt because of sitting for long periods. Or maybe because of a decrease in the blood supply of these cells.

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Cellulite in Men

Normally, cellulite is uncommon in men. The reason behind this is the structure of the skin of men. The fat layer and the dermal layer of skin lie in a zig-zag manner. So, there are almost no chances of fat cells disturbing the structure of the connective tissue layer. On the contrary, these fat cells reinforce the cellular structure of the skin and give them durability. However, these are some cases in which men also get cellulite. It is due to the extra accumulation of fat. These cases can become common in the condition of obesity. Cellulite can occur anywhere under the skin of the body.

Nutritional Causes

Cellulite is not caused by any virus or bacteria. It is because of the intertwining of the skin and fat layer. Therefore, there is no such medicine for it. Cellulite can also be caused by nutritional deficiencies. If you are not taking the proper nutrients in your daily routine, your skin cells can become deprived of them. It will only promote the development of cellulite. Also, the low blood pressure and standing or sitting in the same position for long durations can aggravate it. So, avoid the same stance for longer periods. Also, wearing tight clothing can affect your blood flow to the skin. Blood is the fluid that carries nourishment to every cell of or body. Disturbance in the blood flow promotes the cellulite.

Treatments and Cure for Cellulite

There is no permanent cure for cellulite. There are various treatments that can reduce the visibility of cellulite by hardening skin. Also, there are many therapies that can reduce its progression and visibility. The fat cells when entering the skin starts to affect its structure. The body skin cells start to adapt to the cells of the fat layer and change its structure. Therefore, it becomes nearly impossible to bring the skin as it was before cellulite. However, there are some treatments and cures in practice which can eliminate cellulite if done on a regular basis. These treatments are:


It is a treatment that involves shockwaves, pressure or sound waves. It is also known as acoustic wave therapy. It is proved to be effective as it reduces cellulite to a great extent. But it has to be done timely and also it is costly. It reduces the fat cells by breaking them with pressure waves. These shockwaves expel the fats from the skin layer and repair the cobblestone shape of the skin.


This treatment involves the cutting of connective tissue with a very small blade. The purpose is to extract out the extra fat cells which are disturbing the structure of the skin. This requires precision and accuracy. Therefore, the surgery can last up to 3 hours. However, there is no scar and the cellulite is almost completely healed. The process is very costly ranging from 2000 dollars to 5000 dollars. Also, there is a recovery period of almost three days.

Vacuum-assisted Tissue Release

In this treatment, a device with several small blades is used. These blades precisely cut the connective tissues of the skin and take out the fat. The skin underneath occupies the space and the cellulite is reduced to negligible. This treatment can last up to three years. It is also costly, and not permanent. You will have to repeat the treatment after 3 years.

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Radiotherapy is basically curing the cellulite with the help of heatwaves. The machine used in this treatment transmits the heat waves into the skin cells. The fats inside the skin cells start to degenerate and cellulite becomes invisible. It also is a costly procedure. But the results are good and it is in practice.


This is a risky treatment. It has some side-effects. It involves the use of carbon dioxide. The gas is inserted into the skin of the affected area. The cobblestone appearance starts to become smooth. It can cause discomfort or bruises in some cases. Therefore, this is not a recommended treatment. Also, t is temporary. The cellulite will reoccur.


This is a very good treatment with great results. In this process, a small laser tube is inserted inside the skin. This laser tube melts all the excessive fat and starts to correct the skin structure. But it does not cure cellulite completely. Also, it is very costly ranging up tp 5000$ and it temporary.

How long does it take to get rid of cellulite?

The treatments in practice usually cure cellulite up to 2-3 years. But if you repeat these treatments after regular intervals there is a chance that you will lose all your cellulite and again enjoy healthy and supple skin. Studies and researches are still going to get a permanent cure for cellulite.

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