Are you asking yourself, “how to remove body hair permanently“? Hair growth is a major problem for too many people, including males and females. You often hear sentences like “I have too much body hair”, “how can I get rid of these hairs permanently” from others and even yourself. Growth of hair with time is normal but too much hair is a major problem nowadays. Having unwanted hair is always irritating. Everyone gets tired of waxing, shaving or plucking the hairs on their body. In such situations, laser hair removal is the best option possible for getting rid of those unwanted hair permanently.

Laser hair removal is a process of removing hair by means of exposure to laser, that destroy the hair follicles and stop the growth of hairs permanently. The removal of hair through laser is available at different prices and obviously of different quality. Hair removal can be time consuming but it works best when it comes to hair removal through laser treatment. With the passage of time, laser hair removal has become more efficient and effective.

Method of Laser Hair Removal

The primary principle behind laser hair removal is selective photo thermolysis. It is applying optimum light on a targeted area with minimal effect on surrounding parts. Hair removal lasers have been approved for permanent hair reduction in the long term. This type of hair removal has become popular because of its speed and efficacy. The efficacy also depends upon the type of laser used and the experience of the laser operator.

How to Remove Body Hair Permanently

The laser hair removal can be compared with other hair removal techniques in order to find the best method of stopping the day to day growth of unwanted hair. This will help you a lot in choosing your way to remove hairs permanently. The comparison of removing hair through laser and other techniques is given below:

Comparison with Shaving

Shaving is a technique in which the removal of hair is done with the razor. Shaving has become popular as a temporary hair removal technique. Shaving is only temporary and can lead to the irritation of the shaved area.

Comparison with Waxing

Waxing is another option for removing unwanted hair. This method is efficient and is long lasting than shaving but not permanent. Waxing has two types: one is the usage of strips that are already ready to use while in other method, one heats up the wax, apply it to the body and use cloth as strips.

All these two methods of removing hair are temporary while laser hair removal is permanent. If you want to remove your hair permanently, then use laser hair removal treatment.

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Types of Laser Hair Removal

There are many types of laser hair removal on the basis of lasers used like Argon, Ruby etc.

Pulse width is one of the most important considerations. The duration of heating pulse relates directly to the damage achieved in follicles. Spot size directly affects the depth of penetration of the light energy due to scattering effects in the skin layer.

Epidermal cooling has been determined to reduce pain and side effects, especially in darker skin. It includes contact cooling through a window, cooled by circulating water and cryogen spray, sprayed directly onto the skin immediately after laser pulse.

Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

Do you want an answer as to how to remove body hair permanently? Laser hair removal is your best method for getting rid of unwanted hair on the body. It involves the usage of beam of light to destroy the hair follicles. The laser light is directed at follicles and damage them in order to remove them permanently.

Laser hair removal works best on light complexions with dark hairs than dark complexions. You will probably need multiple sessions of laser, typically three to seven, hair removal for removing the hair permanently. Lasers can be used for most body parts including legs, arms, chest, face, etc.

  1. Laser Hair Removal is very Fast

    1. The removal of hair through laser depends upon the size of the area being targeted. For example, the hair on your back will definitely take longer to remove than from your upper lip. It is faster than the other ways of removing hairs like waxing, razor etc.
  2. A very Exact Procedure

    1. This procedure is very exact if the laser operator is well experienced and trained. The precise beam work targets the unwanted hair without damaging the surrounding skin parts. Laser hair removal will also change the texture and color of your body, making it finer and lighter.
  3. No Ingrown Hair

    1. Unlike waxing, epilating and threading, you will not have to put up with painful and unsightly ingrown hair. Neither will you have to tolerate razor burns on irritation. Everyone wishes to get rid of the ingrown hair and here is the solution.
  4. Safety

    1. Laser hair removal is a safe medical procedure as long as it is performed by certified dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon. Get laser treatment from a well known dermatologist who is trained in operating laser. If done by an untrained person, laser hair removal could leave burns or scars on the skin. Your safety always comes first.

Is laser hair removal painful?

No, laser hair removal is not painful. You may encounter some discomfort trough he procedure. Its feeling is like a rubber band is being snapped against your skin, but you will not find it painful. Laser removal does not hurt as much as waxing and is way quicker than it. It’s like tiny pin pricks. Laser hair removal falls somewhere between shaving and waxing. The dermatologists use ice to help numb the area before and after the laser treatment. Before getting laser treatment, you should shave that part so as to locate the follicles.

As you can see, there are many benefits of laser hair removal. You are free to choose any method for removing your unwanted hair permanently. Laser hair removal gets progressively less painful as treatments continue. Hair growth is a normal process, so as the hair removal.

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