When people first hear about laser hair removal – its speed, effectiveness, and absence of side effects – they always ask the same question: “how expensive is it to get laser hair removal?” We all want silky-smooth legs or faces without the pain and hassle of shaving or using tweezers. 

Given the results, we expect that laser hair removal is expensive – reserved for only the wealthiest clients. Not so. Considering its effectiveness and long-lasting results, laser hair removal is among the most cost-effective hair removal treatments available.

laser hair removal


Below we’re explaining how expensive laser hair removal is to get – going through the most common treatment areas like the face, legs, and bikini.

How expensive is it to get laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal is not particularly expensive when considered in context. Sure, you’re paying the money upfront – but, over the months and years, the dramatic reduction in hairs means the costs even out. 

The cost of laser hair removal varies significantly based on several factors: the size of the area being treated, who is performing the treatment, and the number of treatments required.

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In most cases, roughly 50% of your hair will be gone by the third treatment, and reductions should rise to 90% by six treatments. Further treatments may be needed after a year or so to touch up the work (and each progressive treatment results in finer, sparser body hair.)

You’ll also need to consider the size of the area being treated and the number of hairs. Male treatments tend to cost more than for women as there is a greater area to cover and more hairs to treat. For example, women’s leg bottoms cost $250, whereas the price rises to $350 for men. 

The greater the area being treated, the higher the cost. As a general rule, small areas like the abdomen line, lower back, or chin cost around $80 to $100. Medium-sized areas, like the underarms, breasts, and chest, cost between $100 to $150. And larger areas, like the buttocks, face, or leg tops, cost $150+. 

Even better, the first treatment of any new area is only $59 – no matter where it is!

How expensive is laser hair removal for the face?

Laser hair removal on the face costs $200 for three or more areas here at Alite Laser. If you choose not to complete these areas in a single session, the cost is $80 per area, including the lips, chin, sideburns, jawline, and neck front.

Men can also book a face session (including neck front) for just $250 – although the neck front alone costs $120. 

Facial hair removal is, therefore, one of the most expensive treatments due to the size of the area and quantity of hairs. It also requires an experienced technician.

How expensive is laser hair removal for legs?

The legs are perhaps the largest area of the body clients wish to be completely devoid of hair – it’s also one of the hairiest areas. For a complete leg laser hair removal session, you’ll pay $500 ($250 leg bottoms + $250 leg tops). We also provide partial leg tops for $150 and feet for just $80. 

For men, meanwhile, our prices are $700 for the total legs ($350 for either leg bottom or leg tops). Because of the increased hair, you may need the maximum number of sessions. There’s also a greater chance that some sparser, fine hairs may return in the future.

How expensive is laser hair removal for bikini?

Women no longer want to suffer through a bikini wax, leading to bikini laser hair removal becoming one of the most popular options. For a bikini laser hair removal session, you’ll pay $180, whereas, for a complete Brazilian bikini, the price is $250. 

Men can also undergo bikini laser hair removal – with sessions costing $300. There’s also the boyzilian – complete removal of hair in the pubic area, both front and back – which is one of our most expensive treatments at $500.

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Final thoughts

So, is laser hair removal expensive? Not at all. 

Our treatment prices are competitive and cost-effective. In fact, we’d argue that by cutting down on a lifetime of waxing sessions or shaving equipment, laser hair removal is by far one of the cheapest options for permanent hair removal. 

With minimal discomfort and long-lasting results, it’s not hard to see why so many are choosing this procedure. For more information, please contact the team at Alite Laser today.